The Place Between Us

Prompt: Write from the place between us.  What is there, what can you see, feel, hear, sense.  Is there a way out?  What is in the place between you and I?

This poem won the “Stephen Patrick Morrissey Award for Writing Totally Depressing Shit” from Mortified podcast’s Tournament of Awkward Teen Poetry.

The place between us

Marlena Chertock

I am writing from the place between us.
There is nothing to look at,
Save for the endless numbers and tangled wires.
Here in this abyss of emptiness
and inescapable darkness,
I compose a letter
to you.
My words, composed of numbers,
will scramble through the twisting wires,
leap to the sky,
land on an orbiting transmitter,
and appear like magic before your eyes.
From my mind, to my hands,
through all these wires, to your wires,
and finally to your eyes.
My words will reach you, touch you
from the place between us,
from all the way across the sea,
from my hometown to your distant land;
my words will travel.
Once my finger touches the SEND button,
I will be there with you,
next to you, through my words.


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