Red Gold

Your delicate fingers reach
Into the mahogany box
In which I am carefully placed
Among my twin and friends.
I am being lifted and I see
Soft, pale artificial light
Streaming from your lamp.
Suddenly, I feel skin—
A smooth, gentle and tiny patch of skin.
Then, somewhere quite far away,
I feel my back being placed on this patch of skin.
It is your ear that I dangle off of,
Your ear that I so proudly decorate.
And while I am placed on your ear,
I noiselessly observe your every action
Throughout the day.
I listen and agree
Smile and shine.
Sometimes I disagree,
But it is not up to me to intervene;
I am only an ornament.
Yet it is because I quietly watch that I grow smarter.
At times, you forget about me,
And you think you have lost me—
So, rapidly, you reach up your hand and check if I’m there.
I always am.


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