Don’t Allow Lies

Don’t allow lies to seep through your skin like the rush of a river.
Pay close attention when lies are present and deception near.
They say you can’t do it;
Be the one to stand up and believe you can.
Everyone thinks it’s too hard to be done;
You should gather your strength together and tell yourself it will be done.
They notice that the door is too small,
the tree branch is too high,
the river is too wide,
the heart is too distant to touch.
But you should know that there are always ways around, through, across, over, or under.
There is always a solution, hiding, in a crack under the floorboards
where soft grass has started to grow.
Everyone whines and complains and puts up a fight;
You should be the one to go through it soundlessly, painlessly.
The mirror is cloudy, they say.
Well, go clean it.


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