We need the adventure, the struggle, to learn the lesson

It is true
There are troubling things in life,
Hard places that seem impossible to get out of,
Countless obstacles that only get in the way.
The world is trying to tell us that it will all be okay.
So we endure a couple downfalls,
A few failures,
Maybe a stubbed toe or two;
In the end, life will teach us
How we should act and do.
To keep a persistent love for the world,
No matter what you go through.
You must stay positive and optimistic in your outlook.
Realize that there is always something worse,
Always someone in a tougher spot,
Always something more difficult.
While life may not always be easy,
It helps to know that you are still better off than a few.

If life was just a breeze
We would not appreciate it.
If the world was an easy place to live in,
We would not learn at all.
If there were no obstacles put in our paths,
We would all lack wisdom and strength.
Because our weaknesses are truly our strengths;
In getting over them, we grow stronger.

We need the struggle
to learn the lesson.
We need the pain
to gain the strength.
We need the hardships
to obtain the appreciation.


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