I exist in three times


I exist in three times at work.
One on the wall, another the phone, and the fax machine.
All different.
I never know exactly what time it is,
(Could they all be right?)
And so I exist in all three.
At the same moment I am
seven forty-three, six fifty-one,
and seven sharp.
When I leave [work] I enter real-time
only one.  Nine thirty-three.
But I miss that room
where time exists in threes,
where three different clickings tell me
where I am,
when to be.
I miss the confusion,
the constant comparison,
the fear I am late,
safe, or early,
all at once.
When I clock out
and get back my slip,
it gives me the real-time:
nine forty-two.
But my clocks all believe
they tell me the truth.


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