The sunlight enters through the slats in the blinds.
The light falls on several glass bottles
lined up on a counter.
I go over to them and pick one up.
As I glance inside the bottle,
an intense wind seems to rush out of the contents
and through my hair.
An image of green flashes before my eyes
and suddenly
I am tumbling down a grassy hill,
rolling like a barrel,
until I reach the bottom
and rush back to holding the glass bottle in my hand.

I put the bottle down and pick up another one.
As I turn it over in my palm,
a sensation overpowers my tongue and
it feels as if a pile of sugar is being dissolved in my mouth,
though I have not eaten anything sweet.
I place the bottle back on the counter.

Picking up a third bottle,
a strange double-sensation comes over me.
I feel my heart sink and a lump in my throat form,
as if I am sad,
while at the same time
a thunderous rumble seems to be coming from out of thin air
and bouncing off my ear drums,
creating a soft, downbeat sound—music.

I put down the third bottle and smile to myself.
Ah, memories.


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