Lonely Alone


The rain whips my face
as I watch him strut
across the vast parking lot.
I know he’s not going to turn
This time,
he’s not returning.

Closing my eyes, I tilt my face
to the sky
and the downpour flows
down my chin,
seeps into my clothes
and rushes through my skin.
I am knocked back to my senses
with a shout:

“Hey,” he says, now halfway inside his car,
his hand
already on the steering wheel,
“if you think crying
is going to make me feel
think again.”

Enraged and frustrated
with his ineptness, I scream
back to him,
“I’m not crying!”

“Well, it’s not going to work anymore;
all of your little games.
I tried my best.
But I told you,
it’s over,” he shrieks
above a clap of thunder.

That was it.  Those
it’s over.
I have heard them
all my life.
“Well,” I call out,
slightly uneasy
and off-balance,
“just once I was hoping
not to be the
Lonely one.”


One thought on “Lonely Alone

  1. Very sad and intense poem,
    I loved it …………….the real world can be hard on us,
    “relationships”we need to learn from them!

    We just keep on going,

    Kind Regard’s

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