What is a writer

What is a writer?

Why can’t I be one now?
Why can’t I be considered one now?

Don’t I suffer as much as they have, as much as they do?
Don’t I contemplate, reflect, ponder, sit and wonder, sit and think as much as they do?

My life has its ups,
has its downs,
My life spirals round and round.
My life has its goods,
has its bads,
My life is not merely what it appears on the surface.
Just like everyone else, I have difficulties, too.

I have been optimistic, I have tried.
I have been optimistic, I have made it my motto.
I decided, way back when I was thirteen, “weaknesses can truly be considered strengths, because in getting over weaknesses you grow stronger.”
I decided, way back when, to try to stay positive.

Some people travel a smooth and less bumpy [of a] road
Others have paths like mine,
Scattered with many obstacles
That are only there to challenge you and for you to attempt to overcome
With whatever strength, positivity, optimism, courage, or neither you can bring and muster.

Sometimes things are out of your control.
You cannot take another way out, you do not have another option or door to open.
Fate has scattered the cards and dealt one for you.
And you may not have a say, you may not be able to change your play.
Whatever this means to you, you may still have a chance, still have a way to get through.
Keep going on, some say, keep going on, hold on till the next day.
Stay strong, overcome whatever it is fate has given you.
Well, it is your life. This is what you have been given. This is how you will wake up every day.
Choose how you wish to think of it, how you wish to deal with it for the rest of your life.
Be negative if you wish, stay optimistic if you like.
Who’s here to say what’s wrong or right?

I leave you with a little poem I wrote when I was eleven.
The path
The path that I travel is my own path,
Nobody travels it the way I do.
My path has lots of obstacles in it,
But somehow, I always get past them.

The path that I travel has been walked on before,
But I leave different footprints.
Other people follow my same path,
But somehow they travel it different than I.

The path that I travel is very difficult,
But somehow I get through it.
My ancestors leave their spirits on this path and also their voices,
They guide me all the way through life just like my family and friends do.
This is my path.

That’s it. It just is. This is your path. That is all.


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