When the Fog Comes

When the fog comes,
Our joyous and vibrant World turns
Gray and gloomy.
The once light blue sky,
Now light gray.
Everything is gray.

When the fog comes,
The cars coming up the street are gripped in the grasp of the fog.
Only their headlights are powerful enough
To reach through the night clutch of the fog and shine,
Guiding the way for its passenger.
But all you see are two eyes,
Glaring at you from the depths of the fog.

When the fog comes,
Not even the sun can penetrate its hold.
All that we see
Down here on the gray, gray Earth is the
Grim glowing smile of a jack-o-lantern.
And what was once a flashlight shining high in the sky,
Jolly and gleeful,
Is now a Hollow’s Eve symbol.

When the fog comes,
What was once our home,
Transforms to a spooky and dreaded
And when you walk alone,
You can feel the longing and loneliness tugging at your sleeve,
And the dead
Whispering in your ear.

When the fog comes,
The World turns to the


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