Fluid-like, my soul

What would your soul look like?  What could be felt, heard, smelled, tasted, seen in your soul?

Fluid-like, that would be my soul.
Flowing and swaying, letting off
flashes of swirling color
Laughter and old sayings can be
heard in my soul.
Music and voices and teardrops.
Fragments of ancient memories
and passages of books and poems
and songs can be seen in my soul.
Paintings and fingerprints,
and faces and features,
and sunsets and eyes.
Freshly baked cookies
and aromas from foods from
around the world would be the
smells in my soul.
Green tea and butterscotch,
and dog hair and lavender soap.
Compassion and happiness and optimism can be
felt in my soul.
Love and sympathy
and kindness and thoughtfulness
and curiosity and strength,
all the time.


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