Little red wagon


I’m sitting, waiting in my little red wagon, for my
big brother to come and pull me
along, wherever he wants to go.
I’m not quite sure where he is, and he’s been
gone quite a while.
But I remember what he said:
“When I come back
I’m going to pull you in your little red wagon
all over town.
We’ll pass the neighbors, and the tiny post office,
the haunted house down the street, the Hill of No Return, and the creek,
the schoolyard, the playground, the junkyard,
the fields of vegetables and wheat,
Uncle Ben’s house, Lily Sou’s house, the courthouse, and more.
We’ll go all over town,
me pulling you in your little red wagon and
you having a grand old time.”
But he hasn’t come home yet.
I’m still here, though,
lingering around until the day my big brother returns.
I don’t know when that day will be,
Uncle Ben tells me
“Your brother’s caught up in a
long war, he’s got a hard time
ahead of him.”
And even though more and more people keep saying
“Your brother won’t be coming home soon,”
I don’t believe them.
Not one bit.


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