“Now boarding!”
the park staff calls out.
I step forward with a few
Daring visitors
and eagerly board the ride.
We are strapped in for safety,
the ride lets off steam,
I clench my fist tightly,
my nails dig into my palm.
A sudden thrust and the ride Pushes off.
Colors, lights, sounds Stream into one.
my head is rushing, my
Pulse is throbbing, my
Eyes are burning.
an abrupt stop and my
Heart beats rapidly.
instant start again and my
Stomach reels.
I grip the safety bar
as the coaster does
Dizziness overcomes,
I push my head down into my knees,
closer to my seat.
shutting my eyes
I hold on,
Hold on.
my heart sucks in a breath as
the ride makes
along the track.
the coaster Lurches forward and then
Zooms along the track
Backwards this time.


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