I have to stay for one last
night, to see
the full moon on my
sister’s, family’s, and friend’s faces.
I must say, “Goodbye,”
last time, then
fly around my home, my room,
the journals, diaries, poems, and stories lining the bookshelf.
I’ll hover at my closet,
remembering all the outfits I wore
in elementary, middle, and high school,
all the times I dressed myself up
trying to impress you.
Out of my window
I’ll glide
while the soft, pink curtains
stroke my arms and
flutter in my ghostly breeze.
I’ll soar into the blue night sky,
will be enveloped in its
warm arms and I’ll
reach that place,
the place everyone talks about
but no one knows.
I’ll reach it, grasp it, and live
there. It will be my
I’ll be with strangers or
those I had forgotten.
I’ll belong in a place where
nothing goes wrong.
I’ll be a ghost
but will be very much


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