Broken Shards of Porcelain

Head words: Mistake-mks (meter-kilogram second:)

In my high school Creative Writing Club we had many games that we would play to spark our muse, to switch up the ways we wrote. One such game is called Head Words. Take a dictionary, any dictionary, and flip to a random page. The two words on the top of the page will be the beginning and ending words of your poem. It doesn’t have to stick to the rules perfectly (my words make it in the first and last lines). If I’m having trouble coming up with a poem I use this technique to just write something. Try it.


Slip-up, messed up, a mistake.

Danny was frozen in a pose of utter fear.

His arm was stretched out in front of him,

fingers trying to grip something not there.

Danny’s eyes wandered to the floor,

to the broken shards of porcelain that only

a meter-kilogram second ago made up his

Mom’s beloved vase.


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