Looking forward to next semester

So the semester is winding down and so is my poetry class. I’ve gotten so used to the feedback, the compliments, the constructive criticism, being introduced to works and poets and authors, and getting to know my fellow creative writing peers. I’m definitely going to miss this class where we’ve gotten to know each other and have become comfortable critiquing each other’s work. It’s invaluable and the best learning experience.

But next semester I’m taking a class in another genre of creative writing: creative nonfiction. I’m pretty excited. It’s a relatively new form of creative writing, as fiction and poetry have been around since people started to pass on oral stories and write them down. Creative nonfiction is hard to define, as it can be an essay, a prose-form, a story, a play, an anecdote — there are almost no limits. But the one thing that defines these pieces as nonfiction is that they are about your life, what you think about or observe, people in your life, events in your life, something about you that you are able to step back and reflect upon, connect to many people, and say something about humanity, the human condition, or a moral of sorts.

As you can see if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, I have a lot that I like to write about, and work through, and voice. Through my journeys with writing, I have come to see how much I like the confessional and more honest style of writing. Nonfiction falls under this.

So I am very excited to continue my writing journey, learning about other forms of writing, finding what I like and am drawn most to, and adding to the writing techniques that I’ve been collecting.

Check back to read the pieces I’ll be writing for this class as well as other posts.


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