Covering the world: Flip cameras, Youtube and deadlines

The Associated Press described Ted Williams as the homeless man that has a “golden voice.” Their article said offers for him could be coming in soon, including radio or TV ads or NFL announcements.

Williams quickly became a Youtube sensation when The Columbus Dispatch spotted him and recorded a multimedia story about him.

Williams has been homeless for a few years, after he fell into alcohol and drug abuse.  He begs for money on the side of Interstate 71 and other roads with a cardboard sign explaining he has a beautiful voice.  He will show off his radio-announcer voice while asking for money.  From the video, he seems to be very thankful for the money he receives.

This shows that all you need to tell a story, to spread news, is a Flip camera, a camera, an audio recorder or a pen and paper.  I get so inspired when I see stories like these — inspired by the resilience of people who keep working and hoping their lives will get better and by the reporters who tell these stories (because that is something I want to do in my future career as a journalist).

I recently bought the Flip Ultra HD for a class I’ll be taking next semester, called Reporting for the Public Good.  For the class, we’ll have to cover events on and off campus and write articles under tight deadlines three times a week or more.  The articles will need to be accompanied by pictures and video.

I’m excited to be pushed to write several articles a week, under strict four, then three, then two hour deadlines, with pictures and video.  I’m excited to learn how to use the Flip camera and to keep a blog on a theme of my choice for the class.  These conditions are how I will learn how to be a good reporter — experience is the key.


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