Slow kissing

Marlena Chertock

She felt lost in that smile.
Slow and easy buzz,
bare back pressed
against warm seat,
the smell of spicy foods
and beach tar.
Her hands and neck tingled,
muscles tensed,
skin tight.
Nervous fingers.
Into the underbrush,
through dense shrubs,
bushes with waxy coated leaves.
Tip and tumble,
enjoy the feel,
the sweet soap smell.
Lean closer,
warm breath, touch
quivering lips.
Kiss me,
she thought.
Sounds of an orchestra now,
oboes and flutes,
the sweetness of violins,
bows scraping
strings, caressing
across her arms and legs.

Note: This was an exercise in erasure poetry, where you open a book to any page, mark out the parts you don’t like and then make a poem with the leftover words. It’s a really fun exercise and can create some pretty interesting pieces.


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