Reflections on Ray Bradbury’s death

“Some people turn sad awfully young.
–Ray Bradbury

This quote is so true. For whatever reason or circumstance, young people often become depressed or lose confidence or have low self-esteem, for bullying, car crashes, deaths in their young lives, friends betraying them, illnesses, medical difficulties, moving away, etc. But I’ve found sadness can also be a teacher. It can make you stronger if you push through it and can offer time for reflection and writing. I’ve often wrote a lot more when I was sad or disheartened than very happy. I guess I get more reflective and in the mood to write when I’m unhappy or led to daydream or want something different or dissatisfied.

Also, more about Ray Bradbury, I’m so sad the amazing and prolific writer passed away yesterday at age 91. He wrote one of my favorite books, “Fahrenheit 451,” a futuristic tale of firemen whose job it is to burn books. Apparently, the temperature books burn is 451 degrees F, according to Bradbury who said a fireman told him after he attempted several times to get one on the phone to ask.

Apparently, Bradbury never used a computer or drove a car and rented a typewriter for 10 cents a day to write “Fahrenheit 451” in a UCLA basement.

I’ve been reading Ray Bradbury obituaries, quotes and appreciations today, and some of my favorites and most interesting are:

One of my goals this summer and year now is to read more of Bradbury’s short stories and books. It’s going to happen! And I’m going to read the print editions, Bradbury, not on a technological device. Don’t worry, books are for me.


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