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Marlena reading poems at Lines+Stars issue release party. Photo by Codi Gugliuzza.
Marlena reading poems at Lines+Stars issue release party. Photo by Codi Gugliuzza.

On November 19 my poem Buffalo 3 was published in the fall 2013 “Circus” issue of Lines+Stars Journal.

This is the first time I’ve had a poem published, outside of academia. I am extremely proud and grateful for the editor of Lines+Stars, Rachel Adams, choosing my work.

The poem is part of a series, titled Buffalo, about the history of place, and why people choose to leave the place they were born. I am working on publishing the series as a chapbook or individually.

I was also invited to read at Lines+Stars’ issue-release party at VeraCruz Gallery in D.C. on December 15. It was an incredible experience to read my work for 10 minutes for an audience. I have attended open mic nights at Terpoets, Busboys and Poets, Split this Rock poetry festival and other places, but I was never able to read more than one poem. And open mics have such different personalities than readings.

I read first. I was a little nervous about setting the tone and sticking to the time I was given, but the audience and editor were very receptive and open. My family and a friend sat in the front row — so I made sure to glance at them for support. Then I looked out at the rest of the small audience, to create an intimate feel and try to relate more to them. The reading flew by. I gained new writer friends and peers who I hope to stay in touch with. It was an unforgettable moment that I will treasure.

You can read my poem and the other contributors’ here.


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