Representation in lit mags

There’s a very important discussion of race in America, race and lit mags, diversity in the arts, and editors as gatekeepers going on on Rattle’s Facebook page. The poem they posted about racism by Jon Sands (a white poet) prompted a poet to question representation in the magazine, especially considering the lit mag’s recent New Yorker issue (which only features white poets). The editor responded by personally attacking the poet-commenter’s work. Then others joined in the thread.

The discussion has prompted a policy change from Rattle.

we’ve decided to begin selective solicitation, with an emphasis on poets of color and other groups that have been underrepresented on our pages. We will NOT solicit work from well-established poets – those who already have exposure don’t need our support, though they’re always welcome to submit, like everyone else.

So if you have any suggestions for poets that we should solicit, please let me know, either by email, or, better yet, by tweeting us (‪#‎YouShouldSolicit‬) and commenting here, so that others can see and investigate new writers for themselves.


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